Geothermal 101

You’ve probably heard us boasting about our geothermal efforts on Twitter or on Facebook, and it’s okay if you’re wondering what the heck we’re going on about. Geothermal, though certainly not a new phenomena, is still just making small waves in Canada.

We’ve put together this quick blog post on everything you need to know about geothermal energy – future residents of The Nest, bookmark it! You’ll definitely want to tell your friends about it after reading this post.

What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is basically a clean, alternative energy source that relies fully on the heat from the earth. It’s completely reusable, sustainable, cost effective and reliable. Today, geothermal energy is used to generate electricity and help the cooling and heating of buildings and homes (hint: that’s what we’ll be using it for).

Where else has geothermal energy caught on?

The first commercial geothermal plant opened up over 100 years ago in Italy, Iceland is considered the world’s geothermal all-star, and New Zealand does geothermal so well that they help other countries with their geothermal efforts. Our neighbours down south dominate the scoreboard with over 175 geothermal projects currently under development.  It’s definitely not just a trend – it’s been a long time coming!


Why is Canada so behind in our geothermal efforts?

We wouldn’t say we are so behind but we’re not as advanced as many other countries. We haven’t yet opened a commercial geothermal plant and that could be for one of two reasons: many provinces and territories don’t allow geothermal projects, or because it’s more expensive since there are no commercial plants in Canada, and because of that investors are more hesitant on backing projects.

However, many organizations in Canada are pushing for initiatives and funds to help Canada become a geothermal superstar.

What is an example of geothermal energy usage in Canada?

Did you go to the Canadian National Exhibition (The Ex) this summer? It’s home to a geothermal plant! The plant is installed in the Press Building and helps to lower energy costs (helps cool the area during the summer, and heat it during the winter).

What does it mean for The Nest?

Well for one, it means we really care about the environment (we are reaching for Toronto Green Standards’ Tier 2, after all). It also means that we’ll be using geothermal energy to provide The Nest with endless amounts of energy because it’s an unlimited source of renewable and sustainable energy. What it means for you is that it will save you money on your monthly bills because there’s no fluctuation in energy prices.

Stay tuned for a blog post on the science behind geothermal energy in the near future! Any questions? Feel free to ask us on Twitter, Facebook or come by our sales centre where we’ll be more than happy to help!

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