Get to know Hillcrest Village: Roast Fine Foods | Butcher Shop

It was only a matter of time before we did a profile on our friendly neighbours, and favourite local butcher shop Roast! If you came to our big groundbreaking event a few weeks ago, then those were Roast burgers you sampled. Pretty good, right? We sure think so.

It’s a nice clean butcher shop right on St. Clair West at Arlington, and it’s basically every meat lover’s dream come true. They offer top-grade organic or naturally-raised raw, and hormone-free meats that are carefully selected and prepared for you, the meat lover! Their farm partners understand the importance of ethical practices and all animals are naturally-raised, well cared for and are healthy. This butcher shop cares about the animals and their customers!

Once the meat is ready for the shop, the talented butchers at Roast skillfully debone, trim, stuff, marinate and prepare each cut of meat as per your order. There are many marinades (like tandoori and peri peri) and rubs (like lemon pepper and BBQ dry-rub) to choose from.

They’ve got plenty of already prepared foods for those who just don’t have time to cook dinner that night, or even for days when you’re going to host a big party and need more than you can cook! Dishes like Chicken Pot Pie, Lasagnas, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Salad and at least a few dozen more dishes to choose from are available on the daily. They can even cater your bigger events like summer BBQs and holiday parties.

Can you tell we love Roast? If you’re heading over soon, be sure to pop your head in next door and say hi!

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