Green Living at the Nest

Green living is important to us – we  care about our buildings, our residents and future generations to come. We’ve added many sustainable features to The Nest – it’s something we’re very proud of and something we’re confident our future residents will also love. We’ve already told you about some of our green initiatives, like cooling and warming our units using geothermal energy – something that’s still fairly new in Canada. Another feature that we’re really excited about is the electric car outlets in the parking garage.

Every parking spot will have a roughed-in outlet to charge an electric car which can easily be installed. If it is utilized, it will be wired to keep track of utility consumption on your residential electricity meter. For those who are unfamiliar with how electric cars work, the number one advantage about the electric car is that it runs on electricity rather than gas, thereby lowering its emissions and making it a cleaner alternative.

Electric cars use battery power to fuel the car, and don’t burn gasoline or other fossil fuels, meaning the carbon footprint is drastically decreased. Also, like all other cars, eventually the battery may need to be replaced but disposing a lithium or nickel-based battery of an electric car is far better for the environment than the hazardous lead-acid batteries from gas-burning cars.

There is plenty of research out there that talks about the benefits of having an electric car, and we’re glad to support this green-initiative in anyway we can.

Want to learn more about our green efforts? Visit us at the Presentation Centre! We’re located at St Clair Ave West, just west of Arlington on the north side, or call us at 416.223.0003.

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