Hillcrest Village Love: Pukka

Down the street from our Presentation Centre on St. Clair West, we’ve become regulars at the modern Indian restaurant Pukka, which boasts a fresh take on classical Indian dishes and family-dining. Believe us, you’ve never experienced Indian like this before.


For starters, the food is cooked by a talented culinary team from different parts of India, each bringing a taste of their home region to Toronto. They claim their food is “not your mother’s Indian food” and this is evident in their slightly upscale Indian dishes. The fabulous kitchen staff cooks wonders like String Chaat – which is salad made up of string vegetables, sprouts, rice crisps, pomegranate, mango, chutneys + yoghurt, and the Steak Vindaloo which is grilled AAA 8 oz new york strip with tasty seasoning. Oh and we can’t forget the Gunpowder Prawns, pictured above – your taste buds will thank us!


You don’t see their dessert options on a traditionally Indian menu either – there’s no ras malai or gulab jamuns but we’re not complaining since there’s Creme Brulee and Chocolate Chai to choose from! The wine is specially curated by resident sommeliers Derek Valleau and Peter Boyd.

The serving size of the main dishes are meant to be shared with the family and are served in bigger plates to promote the traditional style of Indian-dining.

Pukka, located at 778 St. Clair West, is only open for dinner after 5 PM. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter and like them on Facebook and you’ll be craving a trip to Pukka in no time.

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