A Perfect Day in Hillcrest Village with Josie Stern

A few months ago we chatted with the unofficial ambassador of Hillcrest Village, Matthew Slutsky, about his perfect day in the neighbourhood. We enjoyed learning about his favourite cafes and small businesses so much that we decided to do another segment. This time, we chatted with Josie Stern, Hillcrest Village’s friendliest familiar face, to find out all about her perfect day in the Village.

For those who don’t know Josie, she’s a local realtor who is passionate about the small businesses, the community and the people of Hillcrest Village. And her perfect day? It includes a little bit of it all.

A morning is incomplete without breakfast, and we’re glad Josie thinks the same! She starts off her perfect Saturday with a stop at Pain Perdu, the cutest little French bakery, for an almond croissant and latte. They also bake the best Gateaux Basque (translation: cake from the French Basque County) that she’s ever had outside of France. If Josie’s visiting a client that day (whether it’s because they had a new baby or just to say hi), she usually picks up some Gateaux Basque. Oh, and some quiche for her kids!

A stop at Italy at Home  is a must on Josie’s perfect day. There is always a perfect gift to be found here, and if Josie has someone to visit you can bet she’s definitely picking something up!

Before heading to lunch at the Starving Artist, Josie’s perfect day would include a stop at the Peter MacKendrick Community Gallery at Wychwood Barns.

After that, it’s usually just visiting clients, new businesses and attending any community events. One of Josie’s favourite things to do is to make sure that everyone in the community always feels welcome. That’s just the kind of person Josie is, and just the kind of neighbourhood the Hillcrest Village prides itself on. For example, if a new store pops up, Josie makes sure to go visit them, welcome them and she’ll even write a blog post about it. In fact, that’s how we came to know about the Vintage Home Boutique that just opened up about a week ago!

The perfect day is still not over – Josie likes to go to the dog park at Wychwood Barns (who doesn’t?!), grab some more treats from Leah’s Bakery (butter tarts anyone?) and stop off for a mani/pedi and massage at Nabi Spa.

The perfect night in Hillcrest Village includes dinner, of course! Josie told us she frequents Pukka (so do we!) and Marcello’s for some great pasta (and it’s also on our list of best pizza in the area!).

Sounds amazing Josie – we love everything you do for the community!

PS: Be sure to check out Josie Stern’s blog, where she’s always sharing the latest news about Hillcrest Village!

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