Introducing Alfred, a new perk at The Nest!

We’ve got some great news to share with you – Alfred is coming to The Nest! We had the opportunity to chat with Matt Young, the founder of Toronto’s 24/7 dry cleaning and shoe repair/cleaning service to give you a little background information.What inspired you to start Alfred? Tell us about your background in the Toronto real estate industry.

The first inspiration was my background in the condo development world. Sitting around the boardroom when you’re planning these projects, you’re always trying to find a new feature or amenity to offer that differentiates your project from the competition. So I started thinking about my life and hectic schedule, and realized the one thing I wish I had was time. I was so consumed with work that the little things like running to the dry-cleaner, or preparing meals was falling by the wayside. My friends were all experiencing the same thing as well, so the idea to provide a service that could do all of these things right from within your building 24 hours a day solved a problem for me both personally, and professionally.

How does Alfred work? What can the service be used for?

Once you set up your Alfred account, you can place an order for any product or service we offer and we will deliver that service to you, on demand through our unique locker system (or your concierge if you don’t have our lockers at your building yet). We currently offer dry-cleaning, shoe care, and wash & fold laundry service, but are beginning to roll out more products and services this year. So in the case of dry-cleaning for instance, you can drop your items off in one of our lockers or with your concierge, place an order through our app, by text message, or our website, and we do the rest. We will pick your items up, clean them, and return them, notifying you which locker they were delivered to and the code to access that locker, straight to your phone.

Why is Toronto a good place for a service like Alfred?

I think Toronto is filled with a lot of really busy people who value their time. There is a huge shift towards condo living, and that is being fuelled in part by people making lifestyle choices. They want the conveniences condo living offers, and our service is a natural fit that gives them more convenience in a building than ever before.

Will you be using local businesses for Alfred’s service?

Absolutely. We have partnered with great local suppliers who work with us to deliver the quality of service we would expect ourselves. For every product category, we work with a single supplier, which allows us to better control the quality and consistency, and ensure our customers get the absolute best experience every time they use us.


Caring for the environment is important to us. Is Alfred eco-friendly?

This was really important for us when we started. We knew who our core market was, and we know that the environment is important when they make purchasing decisions. We only use eco-friendly solvents in our cleaning, we have a hanger recycling program, we give our customers reusable garment bags for free to avoid the heavy use of plastic, and have even taken steps to minimize our own carbon footprint by shifting our drivers schedules to the evenings, which minimized idling and congestion.

Besides Alfred, what are some other condo amenities that are important to you?

For me personally, a gym is always the most important one. I also really appreciate some outdoor space and a party room which makes entertaining in a condo really easy.

We’ve got all of those and more at The Nest! Great chat Matt – excited to have Alfred at The Nest!

It’s a pretty neat condo amenity, and we’re excited to bring it to you. We’d love to chat more about Alfred at our Presentation Centre so come on by! We’re located at St Clair Ave West, just west of Arlington on the north side, or call us at 416.223.0003.

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