Oakwood CI Students Mural Project



Ask anyone in Hillcrest Village what their favourite thing about the area is, and they will say the great community. Community is very important to us and as big supporters of community art, we wanted the hoarding, on Hendrick Ave. surrounding the construction site to house a beautiful mural that the community could enjoy, rather than just another location for advertising posters. We reached out to Michael Bodden, the Art Director at Oakwood CI to see if his students would be interested in painting a mural on the hoarding. A lot of time was spent on the collaboration to come up with a great concept that reflects the community and The Nest.
The students took on the challenge with great interest and enthusiasm. Leading the charge were three grade 12 students who quickly took ownership of the project, leading the design, concept, and execution of 6 large panels.
“They were mixing colours, drawing the image, calculating how many inches the boards had to be dropped in order to line up properly once they were installed on the fencing on-site,…I knew that they were skilled artists, but was really impressed with their dedication and determination to see it finished and finished to the best of their abilities. I am very proud of these students!” said Bodden.
Rockport is proud to have the support of Oakwood CI and the greater community in bringing more art into the neighbourood. The students did a fantastic job and we hope the community enjoys it as construction continues.

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