The Rise of Mid-Rise Condos

As you may already know, The Nest is a mid-rise condominium development as opposed to both low-rise and high-rise developments. Generally speaking, when you think of condos you often think about very tall skyscrapers. Well, that’s not the case anymore. In fact, mid-rise condominiums are becoming increasingly popular.

Mid-rise condominium developments are defined as being anything between 4 storeys and 12 storeys tall, with anything less than 4 being a low-rise, and anything more than 12 being a high-rise. More and more mid-rises are being built, and for many different reasons – including the fact that mid-rises add population density and help gentrify a neighbourhood, all without cloaking the area with its tall shadows. Toronto is expected to squeeze in at least 500,000 more residents between now and 2030, mid-rises in where shorter buildings stand now makes the most sense.

Furthermore, in a Globe & Mail article last year, John Bentley Mays said that the city “stands to gain something” from mid-rise condos, for one “it’s a fresh layer of modestly scaled residential fabric with sound contemporary styling and even expressive flair, and freedom from historical pastiche.”

Mays is pointing at buildings like The Nest, which stand to make a splash in the neighbourhood but also add to it’s current culture and surroundings. Rather than standing tall and disturbing the view, The Nest is instead hoping to offer mid-sky views of the city. The main takeaway here is that mid-rises are just meant to be additions to the neighbourhood, not take over.

So Toronto, you might be seeing more and more mid-rises popup over the next several years.

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