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Geothermal Buildings From Around The World

Late last year, we talked about our geothermal efforts on the blog and gave you a little background info on what it is and why we find it important. To recap quickly, geothermal energy is a clean, alternative energy source that relies completely and fully on the earth’s heat.

Geothermal 101

You’ve probably heard us boasting about our geothermal efforts on Twitter or on Facebook, and it’s okay if you’re wondering what the heck we’re going on about. Geothermal, though certainly not a new phenomena, is still just making small waves in Canada. We’ve put together this quick blog post on everything you need to know about geothermal energy – future residents of The Nest, bookmark it! You’ll definitely want to

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Aiming for Tier 2 at The Nest

Earlier this week we sat down with our resident urban planner Kathryn Randle to chat about The Nest’s sustainability efforts and the Toronto Green Standard. Kathryn manages development applications and works with the City and community to help create meaningful developments across the GTA. But for now, let’s chat about The Nest.