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We met our neighbours!

We ended 2014 with a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate our shovels in the ground on St. Clair West, and we’ve kicked off 2015 with another great event for our purchasers. Yesterday we hosted a Meet Your Neighbours event at our presentation centre for all of our purchasers and their friends and family. It was a great afternoon filled with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for the project.

Ground Breaking at The Nest

Save the date: we’re having our Ground Breaking Event on October 18th, and we’ve got plenty of fun surprises and activities planned for the day! If you’ve been following our process, you already know that we’ve started demolition on the site. We’ve taken down the buildings that used to be on the property and we can now start to dig to build the foundation and parking area for our building. Very exciting news!

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What Goes Down Will Come Up

It’s been a great week at The Nest! A few months after we started demolition on our site and knocked down the KFC, we completed our second round of work knocking down the second building and flattening the land to prepare for breaking ground. If you’ve never seen a demolition site, we were there to take photos of the process! Check out what’s going on at The Nest.        Our crew

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Living in Style at The Nest

Buying a home is really buying many things. You’re purchasing a neighbourhood, a lifestyle (do you love to walk? ride your bike? or do you prefer driving?), but most importantly you’re purchasing a place for you to be your most relaxed. When you’re in your home, you want to feel like it’s the one place in the world you don’t have to worry about anything. This takes on a different

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A Slice Of Neighbourhood Life

In case you missed it, our own Jack Winberg was in the Toronto Star last Saturday with Ben Latchford of our favourite neighbourhood butcher, Roast. See why they’re teaming up and what it has to do with The Nest. Click to enlarge. You can find the rest of the article here. Image via Toronto Star. 

Wychwood Barns: Our Community Hub

What makes a neighbourhood a community? There are so many ways to answer that question, but what it really comes down to is how the people living in the neighbourhood interact with each other, if they interact at all! In many neighbourhoods it’s the norm for people to keep to themselves, but in Hillcrest Village the sense of community is created by doing just the opposite. We have a great

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