A Vintage Look at Hillcrest Village

Our neighbourhood is in a transitional period, as many of you know. If you’ve been to Bathurst and St. Clair and travelled west, you would have seen new developments, shops, boutiques and restaurants popping up at almost every storefront. It’s an exciting time but the area has also come a long way! As Toronto has developed (very rapidly we might add), Hillcrest Village changed right along with it and we have the photos to prove it! Check out these vintage photos taken around the future home of The Nest. The Nest Vintage - Bathurst looking east to Dupont Bathurst St. Looking east to Davenport, 1910 The Nest vintage - vaughan road looking n from ellsworth to st clair Vaughan Rd. looking north to St. Clair Ave. W., 1916

The Nest vintage - vaughan road between bathurst and st clair

The east side of Vaughan Road between Bathurst St. and St. Clair Ave., 1920

The Nest vintage - drug store vaughan road and ellsworth

Neil Lamont McMillan drug store on the southwest corner of Vaughan Rd. and Ellsworth Ave., 1930

The Nest vintage - bathurst looking south from burnside

Bathurst St. looking south from Burnside Dr., 1953

The Nest vintage - hillcrest public school bathurst south of st clair

Hillcrest Public School on the east side of Bathurst St. between Austin Terrace & Nina St., 1953

The Nest vintage - st clair looking west frol wells hill

St. Clair looking west from Wells Hill Ave., 1953

The Nest vintage 1

This one you might recognize! It’s St. Clair Ave. W looking east from Bathurst St. in 1953. This corner still looks very similar!

We love watching the evolution of our city and we can’t wait to be a future staple in Hillcrest Village photos for years to come!

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