A Quick Chat with Artist William Lazos

We had a quick chat with the ever-talented and super busy William Lazos, the artist who painted the lovely mural on The Nest’s site for the Ground Breaking Event.

Born in Cairo, Egypt but raised in Toronto, Ontario, William always had an interest in the arts and went on to pursue his dreams by going to the Ontario College of Arts, where he received his AOCA Diploma. Since then, he’s been painting murals, holding exhibitions, and teaching art – he’s also collected many awards, including the Kingston Prize People’s Choice Award in 2011.10304336_669638773149604_7252423028820507959_n

He’s painted murals in and around Toronto, but he’s also painted them in New Brunswick and Calgary. Some of his most well-known Toronto murals include one at Greenwood and Gerrard, and another in the Liberty Village. Most of his murals (at least those like the one we commissioned him to do) take him about four days to complete.

When we contacted him about the mural, he was all for it – one of the things he loves most about the Hillcrest Village is the great selection of restaurants. Don’t worry William, it’s one of our favourite things about the neighbourhood too!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.16.42 PM

Fun tidbit: We asked him whether he ever goes through a slump and doesn’t know what to paint – he said no, in fact he usually has too many ideas and just not enough time! To check out more of William’s work, go to his website


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